Laura Fraser in Divorcing Jack

Laura Fraser (1976 - )

Film Deaths

  • Divorcing Jack (1998) [Margaret McGarry]: Shot in the stomach (off-screen) by a couple of hitmen in her bedroom. She is shown afterwards when David Thewlis comes back and discovers her, and she dies after managing to gasp out the mysterious phrase "Divorce Jack." (Nudity alert: Topless)

TV Deaths

  • Lip Service: Episode 2 (2012) [Cat MacKenzie]: Hit by car after being too distracted on her phone, while crossing the road. She later dies in hospital as doctors try to save her. Fraser body is seen with her friends beside her bed.
  • Breaking Bad: Felina (2013) [Lydia Rodarte-Quayle]: Poisoned by Bryan Cranston with a dose of ricin slipped into her tea. While she is still alive at the end of the episode, it is established that the dose was fatal and she is clearly beginning to suffer the final effects of the poison.
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