Laraine Newman in Saturday Night Live (November 15, 1975)

Laraine Newman (1952 - )

Film DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Saturday Night Live (Nov. 8, 1975) [Woman #2]: Eaten by the Land Shark (Chevy Chase) when she answers the door.
  • Saturday Night Live (Nov. 15, 1975) [Victim]: Strangled (off-screen) by an unknown assailant, shortly before the start of the sketch; her body is shown afterwards lying on the couch as Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi investigate. (Chevy Chase confesses to the murder, but John immediately dismisses his confession and challenges the viewer to solve the murder; the "real" solution is never revealed.)
  • Saturday Night Live (Nov. 22, 1975) [Young Woman]: Eaten by the Land Shark (Chevy Chase) when she answers the door.
  • Saturday Night Live (Jan. 31, 1976) [Patty]: Accidentally shot in the chest with a rifle by Chevy Chase when she comes downstairs, as Jane Curtin looks on in shock.
  • Saturday Night Live (Feb. 21, 1976) [Luciana Vermicelli/Restaurant Patron]: "Luciana" collapses and dies after realizing that her servant is not there to renew her immortality, at the end of a commercial for her secrets of eternal youth. "Patron" is shot in the chest by Chevy Chase in Garrett Morris' restaurant.
  • Saturday Night Live (Apr. 17, 1976) [Second Violinist]: Appears as a corpse, propped up on stage as part of the "Dead String Quartet."
  • Saturday Night Live (Oct. 23, 1976) [Mary]: Poisoned (off-screen) after Steve Martin puts Drano in her coffee as a practical joke; her body is shown afterwards sitting at her desk as Dan Aykroyd checks her pulse. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Saturday Night Live (Mar. 11, 1978) [Laraine Newman]: In a sketch set in the future, she dies (off-screen) under unspecified circumstances (possibly an eating disorder, judging by John Belushi's comment about her being "this small"), some time before the sketch begins. Her death is mentioned when John reminisces about his dead castmates while visiting the cemetery.
  • All Grown Up: Interview with a Campfire (2004) [Bean Mattson]: Froze to death in 1871 (off-screen). Appears as a ghost.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

  • Sister of Tracy Newman (television writer/producer)
  • Mrs. Chad Einbinder
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