The report of Ilfenesh Hadera and Lance Reddick's deaths in Oldboy (2013)

Lance Reddick (1962 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Siege (1998) [FBI Agent Floyd Rose]: Blown up in a mechanic's garage building when one of the Middle-Eastern terrorist suspects suddenly pulls out a grenade, blowing up Reddick and some of the other workers. We only see the aftermath of the explosion after Tony Shalhoub and Denzel Washington get up after ducking for cover.
  • Oldboy (2013) [Daniel Newcombe]: Killed in a plane crash (off-screen), along with Ilfenesh Hadera, during the passage of time during Josh Brolin's captivity; we learn of their deaths from a newspaper article that Josh researches while trying to determine who kidnapped him.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Oz: Orpheus Descending (2001) [John Basil]: Stabbed to death by Seth Gilliam in Lance's cell (while he's working out) as Tom Ligon tries to protect him. He later dies in the prison infirmary and his body is later seen being zipped up in a body bag. (Thanks to Tal)
  • Beware the Batman: Reckoning (2014; animated) [Ra's al Ghul]: Presumably dragged to his death by the souls into the bottomless pit.

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Quantum Break (2016) [Martin Hatch]: Lance's death occurs multiple points throughout the game depending on player choice on certain acts of the game. During Act 3, if the player makes the choice to have Aidan Gillen personally interrogate Shawn Ashmore, Lance gets shot by an off-screen sniper during a company gala. During Act 4, Lance has one death scene in the "Control" juncture from getting stabbed in the eye by Patrick Heusinger repeatedly. In Act 4's "Surrender" juncture, Lance gets killed once when Marshall Allman reactivates an automated defense system that lets him apparently get sucked in by the Chronon Field Regulator device, and dies a second time after being fatally shot by Brooke Nevin in self-defense. Regardless of the number of deaths Lance has suffered throughout the course of the game, he is still alive by the game's epilogue.


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