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Lance Henriksen (1940 - )

Lance Henriksen in Johnny Handsome

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Visitor (1979) [Raymond Armstead]: Stabbed in the neck by Paige Conner.
  • The Terminator (1984) [Detective Vukovich]: Shot to death by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the police station. We only see Arnold firing; Lance's body is not shown. (Note: There have been attempts to bring Lance's character back in the Sequels despite his death, but were dropped.)
  • Pumpkinhead (1988) [Ed Harley]: Shot to death by Cynthia Bain (at his own request), in order to destroy Pumpkinhead through its link to him. (Thanks to Matt)
  • The Pit and the Pendulum (1991) [Torquemada]: Sliced up by the various axes and other devices when he is forced by the protagonists to walk onto the trapdoors, which open up, causing him to fall in there.
  • Stone Cold (1991) [Chains Cooper]: Shot to death by Sam McMurray in a courthouse just as he was about to shoot Brian Bosworth. (Thanks to Dave)
  • Alien 3 (1992) [Lance Bishop / Michael Weyland]: Playing a dual role as an android and his human counterpart, "Bishop" is deactivated by Sigourney Weaver, at his own request, after being damaged in a crash. "Michael Weyland" survives the film.
  • Hard Target (1993) [Emil Fouchon]: Killed in an explosion after Jean-Claude Van Damme drops a grenade down Lance's pants; Lance retrieves the grenade and attempts to defuse it, but a spark jumps and makes the connection just as it appears that he's succeeded. (Thanks to Gary)
  • Last Assassins (Dusting Cliff 7) (1997) [Colonel Roger McBride]: Shot to death in a gunfight by Nancy Allen.
  • No Contest II: Face the Evil (1997) [Eric Dane / Erich Dengler]: Shot to death by Shannon Tweed.
  • Tarzan (1999) [Kerchak]: Providing the voice of a gorilla, he is shot by Brian Blessed and dies shortly afterwards while talking to Tony Goldwyn. (Note: Lance reprised his voice role in Tarzan II, which took place within the frame of the first film).
  • The Mangler 2 (2002, video) [Bradeen]: Electrocuted when Chelse Swain pushes him in his supercomputer.
  • The Invitation (2003) [Roland Levy]: Finally succumbs to the poison after all the characters come to understanding each other and are driving away via boat. His body falls over on the dock where he's sitting up.
  • Mimic 3: Sentinel (2003) [Garbageman]: Stabbed/impaled by one of the insect creatures in Amanda Plummer's kitchen, after he shoots it to no effect and manages to burn another giant bug. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Dream Warrior (2003) [Parish]: Impaled with an arrow via main character's crossbow weapon when holding a woman hostage.
  • Alien vs. Predator (2004) [Charles Bishop Weyland]: Stabbed to death by a Predator, after he attacks it with a flamethrower to give the others a chance to escape. (Thanks to Alex)
  • Out for Blood (Vampires: Out for Blood) (2004) [Captain John Billings]: Bitten to death (off-screen) by a vampire when Lance looks under Kevin Dillon's bed and discovers it; the movie ends with the vampire pouncing. (Thanks to David31)
  • Abominable (2006) [Ziegler Dane]: Mauled to death (off-camera) by the monster (Michael Deak); we only hear the sound of screaming and bones breaking after Michael grabs him by the head and pulls him. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • The Garden (2006) [Ben Zachary]: Killed by the supernatural garden forces and randomly starts bleeding as he's having all these confusing visions.
  • Prairie Fever (2008) [Monte James]: Killed (although I don't remember the details).
  • 'Black Ops (2008) [Col. John Willets]: Throat cut by the ghost.
  • The Lost Tribe (2010) [Gallo]: Killed in mysterious unseen fashion by the monster(s).
  • It's In the Blood (2012) [Russel]: Fatally injured by the monster (Andrew Varenhorst) in woods his death is shown in a brief cutaway flashback and his body is then shown when his son (Sean Elliot) discover him.
  • Phantom (2013) [Admiral Markov]: Commits suicide by shooting himself with a pistol in his office.
  • Alien Rising (2013) [Colonel Stephen Cencula]: Cut in half by the Alien after he try’s to kill it
  • Dark Awakening (2014) [Father Donovan O'Malley]: Stabbed multiple times in the chest by Jason Cook. He is then burned to death on a cross.
  • Hollows Grove (2014) [Bill]: Throat slashed by supernatural forces while Matt Doherty and Sunkrish Bala looks in horror.
  • Garm Wars: The Last Druid (2014) [Wydd]: Shot to death by Mélanie St-Pierre, while being pinned against a tree.
  • Harbinger Down (Inanimate) (2015) [Graff]: Dies (off-screen) when his granddaughter (Camille Balsamo) crashes the ship into an iceberg under his instructions, after he becomes infected by the creature.
  • 'The Unwilling (2016)' [Father Harris]: Killed by the supernatural forces that are in the box he later appears as a ghost
  • This Old Machine (2017) [Lew]: Dies from a heart attack after he manages to lock Justin Geer in his basement. His body seen again when Sylvia Jefferies searches for Geer.
  • Gone Are the Days (2018) [Taylon]: Shot by Tom Berenger during a shoot out. He dies shortly afterwards from blood loss while trying to ride off on his horse until he collapses, while Berenger looks on.
  • Exorcism at 60.000 Feet (2019) [Captain Houdee]: Rips his own head off after getting possessed.
  • Eminence Hill (2019) [Mason]: Stabbed in the throat by Owyen Conwa after he publicly insults him.
  • The Unhealer 2020 [Pflueger]: Dies (off-screen) from the effects of Elijah Nelson supernatural powers. His grave is shown when Branscombe Richmond kneels besides it.

Television Deaths:[]

  • Tales from the Crypt: Two-Fisted Tales: Yellow (1991) [Sergeant Ripper]: Fatally injured by German troops when one of them throws a grenade just as he shoots them while crossing "No Man's Land"; he dies shortly after making it back to the camp and accusing Eric Douglas of cowardice. (This segment of the anthology film Two-Fisted Tales was later repeated as an episode of the series. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • The Day Lincoln Was Shot (1998) [President Abraham Lincoln]: Shot in the back of the head by Rob Morrow in the theatre; dies the following day at a boarding house, with friends and family by his side.
  • Lost Voyage (2001 TV) [David Shaw]: Drained of life by Scarlett Chorvat's ghost while the ship is being pulled through a dimensional rift. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (2006; TV) [Ed Harley]: Appears as a ghost to Douglas Roberts throughout the movie, and his decomposed body is used as the host for Pumpkinhead; his body briefly returns to its original appearance (before bursting into flames) after Pumpkinhead is destroyed. (He reappeared as a ghost in the 2007 sequel Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud.)
  • In the Spider's Web (2007; TV) [Dr. Lecorpus]: Devoured by spiders after he falls into their web after attacking Emma Catherwood in a cave. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Scream of the Banshee (2011; TV) [Broderick Duncan]: Killed by the creature.
  • All Hail King Julien: Election (2015; animated) [Doc Sugarfoot/King Julien the Terrible] Struck by lightning and then turned into ashes seconds later while Doc tries to take over King Julien's (voiced by Danny Jacobs) kingdom. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Into the Badlands (2018) [Perinth]: Stabbed to death by wandering bandits in Lance’s home camp, witnessed by Orla Brady.

Video Game Deaths:[]

  • Gun (2005) [Thomas Magruder]: Crushed to death by rocks when his own mine collapses as Thomas Jane escapes.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) [General Shepherd]: Stabbed in the eye when Kevin McKidd throws his own knife at him, while Lance is fighting Billy Murray.
  • Aliens vs. Predator (2010) [Karl Bishop Weyland/Bishop Weyland]: "Karl Bishop Weyland is shot in the head by the Rookie (Clive Standen) and then falls into the lava. Another Bishop is seen in the end alive.
  • Detroit: Become Human (2018) [Carl Manfred]: Can die in one of two ways: 1) Can die of a heart attack if Jesse Williams chooses to endure Paul Spera's abuse towards him while Lance is forced to watch; he dies shorty in Jesse's arms afterwards. 2) If Jesse opted to fight back against Paul, Jesse returns to Lance’s home to find him bedridden from his deteriorating health. It is implied that Lance would die from his failing health some time after Jesse’s disappearance.