Lamar Lundy unmasked

Lamar Lundy

Lamar Lundy (1935 - 2007)

Former player for the Los Angeles Rams (1957 - 1969)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Lost in Space: No Place to Hide (1965) [The Giant]: In this unaired pilot Lamar is shot in the chest with a laser pistol by Billy Mumy as he was trying to kill Guy Williams and Mark Goddard who were trapped in a cave. In a later scene he was shot twice by Goddard from their land/sea transport as he was hurling boulders at them.
  • Lost in Space: There Were Giants in the Earth (1965) [The Giant Cyclops]: In this episode using archive footage the cyclops Bill Mumy shot is merely stunned with extra footage played by Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei showing the monster recovering and the scene where Goddard killed it is also used showing the creature dead.
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