Kylee Thurman (19?? - )
Kylee Thurman and Toi'ya Leatherwood-Vamp U 2

Kylee Thurman's (behind Toi'ya Leatherwood) death in Vamp U

No relation to Uma Thurman

Film DeathsEdit

  • Vamp U (2011) [Kelly]: Finally staked by Adam Johnson as he pushes Toi'ya Leatherwood towards Kylee (causing the stake plunge further in Kylee's chest as well as killing both Kylee and Toi'ya at the same time) after Maclain Nelson non-fatally stabbed her chest with a wooden stake some moments before and she kept the stake intact on her chest to show this to her other sorority vampire sisters rather than removing it. (Played for comedic effect)


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