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Kyle MacLachlan in Hamlet

Kyle MacLachlan (1959 - )

Film Deaths[]

Television Deaths[]

  • Twin Peaks: Beyond Life and Death (1991) [Dale Cooper]: Stabbed in the stomach by Kenneth Welsh; his death is immediately undone by Frank Silva. (A corpse of Kyle also appears as a hallucination; he survives the episode in reality.)
  • Tales from the Crypt: Carrion Death (1991) [Earl Raymond Digs]: Pecked to death by a vulture while he's lying paralyzed in the desert after breaking his neck in a fall.
  • Twin Peaks: Part 3 (2017) [Dale Cooper / Cooper's Doppelgänger / Dougie Jones]: Playing three roles, "Dougie Jones" ceases to exist in order to allow "Dale Cooper" to return to the real world. "Dale Cooper" and "Cooper's Doppelgänger" survive the episode.
  • Twin Peaks: Part 8 (2017) [Cooper's Doppelgänger]: Shot to death by George Griffith. He is later brought back to life by a group of supernatural entities.
  • Twin Peaks: Part 17 (2017) [Dale Cooper / Cooper's Doppelgänger]: Playing a dual role, "Cooper's Doppelgänger" is shot in the back by Kimmy Robertson while preparing to shoot Robert Forster; his spirit later appears in the episode Part 18. "Dale Cooper" survives the episode.
  • Atlantic Crossing: Episode 8 (2020) [Franklin D. Roosevelt]: Dies off screen; we learn of his death via a radio broadcast.