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Kurtwood Smith in RoboCop

Kurtwood Smith (1943 - )

Film Deaths[]

Television Deaths[]

  • Star Trek: Voyager: Year of Hell Part 2 (1997) [Annorax]: Killed when his time-ship explodes when Voyager rams and destabilizes it; Kurtwood is brought back to life when the timeline resets itself back to the beginning and the events are averted.
  • That 70's Show: Who Wants It More? (2001) [Red Forman]: Two imagined death scenes (1) When Don Stark cuts down a tree which falls in his direction he imagines his funeral. We see him lying in his coffin, he then sits up, talking to his wife (Debra Jo Rupp) (which states his head was crushed by the tree), then lying down again. (2) When a friend at a party bores him 'to death', he imagines his funeral (reason of death not stated). We see him sitting in his coffin with a drink in his hand talking to the guests. He then asks his wife to hold his drink and close the coffin lid before lying back. (Both played for comedic effect.)
  • Robot Chicken; Nutcracker Sweet (2005; animated) [Walt Disney/Lemming]: Playing dual roles, "Lemming" accidentally commits suicide by running off a cliff. "Walt Disney" dies of cancer; he is later resurrected as a giant cyborg and dies again when he is shot down by Cuban jet pilots. (Both played for comedic effect.)
  • Medium: A Necessary Evil (2008) [F.B.I. Agent Edward Cooper]: Shot twice in the back by Zak Lee, as revealed in Patricia Arquette's dream.
  • 24: Day 7: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. (2009) [Senator Blaine Mayer]: Shot with a machine gun by Sebastian Roché as he opens the door to his house as Kiefer Sutherland looks on helplessly.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Beware my Power Part 2 (2011) [Shyir Rev]: Dies along with his planet when he was too weak to sustain the bomb and let it detonate. His ring then seeking a new wielder of returning to Oa. His people named their new home after him to honor him as their savior. Its later revealed in Lost Planet that his ring has chosen Kevin Michael Richardson as his new wielder. (Note: If the show had gotten a second season, he would've return as a Black Lantern.)
  • Rick and Morty: Get Schwifty (2015; animated) [General Nathan]: Vaporized by Rick (voiced by Justin Roiland) when Kurtwood attempts to murder the President (Keith David).
  • Cooking Mama World: The Epic Cooking Mama Finale (2016; Animated) [Anti-Ringo]: Incinerated in the lava with Tara Strong.
  • Agent Carter: A Little Song and Dance (2016) [Vernon Masters]: Seemingly absorbed with Zero Matter off screen by Wynn Everett, as punishment for betraying her. He is last seen mid way through the absorption process, but Wynn becomes distracted when Reggie Austin bursts into the room and explodes. Although Kurtwood's death is not seen, he is nowhere to be found when Hayley Atwell, Chad Michael Murray and Enver Gjokaj explore the wreckage of the building.


Notable Connections[]

  • Ex-Mr. Cecilia Souza
  • Mr. Joan Pirkle