Kunika (1964 - )

Kunika's death in Bandh Darwaza

aka. Kunickaa Sadanand Lal

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Bandh Darwaza (The Closed Door) (1990) [Kamya P. Singh]: Impaled on her back through her chest and stomach with metal spikes on the door as Anirudh Agarwal had thrown her to it during a struggle between her and another woman after she unsuccessfully attempted to kill him in his sleep. Her body is shown again when the others found her body on the way.
  • Doodh Ka Karz (The Debt of Milk) (1990) [Munnijaan]: Shot in her left breast by Sadashiv Amrapurkar after telling her that she was a loose end to his plan as her lover (Sudhir) looked on shock.
  • Agneekaal (Era of Fire) (1990) [Madhu A. Saxena]: Committed suicide by jumping through breaking the window of a high-storey building as she was running away from Sadashiv Amrapurkar who was trying to rape her. She had fallen down to the ground as her husband (Kiran Kumar) looked on shock.
  • Kohra (1993) [Kitty]: Accidentally machine-gunned four times (in her lower stomach, both breasts each and in the lower side of her left breast) while hiding beside a car during a shoot-out between Arman Kohli and two goons.
  • Aa Gale Lag Jaa (Come and Embrace) (1994) [Mrs. Jagatpal Sharma]: Stabbed in her stomach with a knife by Ishrat Ali. Her death was shown in flashback as Ishrat describes it.
  • Mohra (The Lid) (1994) [Flora]: Shot in her stomach by Razak Khan during a misunderstood shoot-out between two rival gangs.
  • Baazi (The Gamble) (1995) [Rani]: Crushed by a collection of long metal scraps and poles after Mamta Kulkarni kicked down the metal support of the lifted collection of long metal scraps and poles on top of her breasts and stomach during a struggle.
  • Dhaal (Shield): The Battle of Law Against Law (1997) [Mrs. Deodhar]: Shot in her stomach and in the middle of her breasts by Amrish Puri as she runs after the helicopter he's in. (There is a continuity error as Amrish is seen shooting at her only once but the bullet wound on her chest amd stomach meant he shot her twice)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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