Kristina Klebe (1979 - )
Kristina Klebe - Halloween

Kristina Klebe (right) in Halloween (2007)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Halloween (2007) [Lynda Van Der Klok]: Strangled by Tyler Mane inside the abandoned Myers house. Her body is shown again afterwards when Scout Taylor-Compton regains consciousness next to Kristina's body in the basement. (See also P.J. Soles in the 1978 version.)
  • Proxy (2013) [Anika Barön]: Presumably killed off-screen by Alexa Havins as Kristina tries to attack her with a hammer after Alexa shot her with a shotgun.
  • The Last Heist (2016) [Tracey]: Stabbed multiple times including being slashed in the arm and leg, which severs a major artery, in a fight by Henry Rollins, who gouges out her eyes as she bleeds out.
  • Don't Kill It (2016) [Agent Evelyn Pierce]: Sacrifices herself by allowing a body-hopping demon to possess her, then blows herself to pieces by setting off multiple grenades attached to a tactical vest.

TV Deaths Edit

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