Kristen Cloke in Final Destination

Kristen Cloke * Final Destination

Kristen Cloke * Final Destination

Kristen Cloke (1968 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Final Destination (2000) [Valerie Lewton]: Accidentally stabbed in the throat with a shard of glass when her computer monitor explodes, then is stabbed in the chest when she accidentally pulls down a knife-rack in the kitchen causing a knife to fall on her, after which a chair falls over and drives the knife home. (In Devon Sawa's premonition at the start of the film, Kristen is killed in the initial airplane explosion, along with everyone else on board; this was prevented when Devon manages to get Kristen and a handful of other passengers removed from the flight.)  (Thanks to Germboygel)
  • Black Christmas (2006) [Leigh Crosby Colvin]: Neck snapped by Dean Friss in the hospital.  (Thanks to TravellingMan, Robert, EXXXposed, Domikate, Steve, Cody and Andre)

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

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Mrs. Glen Morgan (screenwriter/director)


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