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Kris Lemche's second death in Final Destination 3

Kris Lemche (1978 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Existenz (1999) [Noel Dichter]: Shot repeatedly by Sarah Polley and the rest of the security team as he shoots Christopher Eccleston (this later turns out to be a simulation and he survives the film in reality).
  • Ginger Snaps (2000) [Sam]: Mauled to death by the werewolf Katharine Isabelle, as Emily Perkins looks on in horror. (Thanks to Germboygel, Brandi, and JC)
  • My Little Eye (2002) [Rex]: Decapitated with an axe by Sean Cw Johnson when Sean comes up from behind while Kris is watching TV. His body and severed head are shown afterwards when Laura Regan discovers him. (Thanks to Germboygel)
  • Final Destination 3 (2006) [Ian McKinley]: Crushed and sliced in half by a falling sign. He flips off Mary as he dies. (He had also been killed in the roller-coaster crash in Mary Elizabeth Winstead's premonition, which was prevented when he got off the roller-coaster. In the DVD's "Choose Their Fate" options, by choosing "Jump Right," he is smashed completely rather than being cut in half. Also, by choosing "Tails" at the coin-toss option early in the movie, Kris remains on the roller-coaster and is killed in the crash.) (Thanks to Dan, Mike, Domikate, Francisco, Gordon, Callum, JC, Richard, Brandi and Alex)
  • State's Evidence (2006) [Patrick]: Commits suicide by shooting himself under the chin.
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead (2009) [Vince]: Is bitten on the neck by Azie Tesfai but comes back as a vampire after some time
  • Green Guys (2010) [Travis Howard]: Shot in the chest by Darrell Davenport
  • The Frankenstein Theory (2013) [Jonathon Venkenhein]: Killed off-screen by the Frankenstein, however we hear screaming and bones cracking
  • Magic Hour (2015) [Dillon Fox]: When attempting to run away from a cop after trying to rob a grocery store, he is shot from behind by the cop

TV Deaths[]

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