Kosha Engler (1977-)

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011) [Darth Nurin / Eskella / Lalya Verron / Lord Loyat / Lord Vadus / Lord Velash / Suri]: Playing multiple roles over the course of the game, "Loyat" can be executed by the player character if they choose not to arrest her, while Eskella can either be killed by the player or by Paul Darrow , depending on how they choose to resolve the situation.
  • Crysis 3 (2013) [Claire Fontanelli]: Mortally wounded from a crash-landing of a VTOL aircraft Kosha, David Kennedy, and James Vincent Meredith were piloting. Kosha succumbs to her wounds after having a final conversation with David.
  • SOMA (2015) [Amy Azzaro]: Having been kept torturously alive via a set of external lungs provided by the WAU following a near-fatal accident, Jared Zeus has the option to disconnect the lungs from the local power supply, putting Kosha out of her misery.
  • Terminator: Resistance (2019) [Commander Baron]: Mortally wounded by gunfire from a Terminator. When Kosha instructs Christopher Ragland to report to Eric Meyers, Kosha commits to a last stand and is presumably killed by another Terminator assault force, with her body nowhere to be found in the aftermath.
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