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Directed by David C. Valdez and Philip Gunn. IMDB: Klown Kamp Massacre (2010)


Fifteen years after an entire school was massacred by a vengeful graduate, an old man reopens a clown academy.


Male Victims[]

  • Ross Kelly [Philbert] - Run over by Jared Herholtz.
  • Isaac Kappy [Butzer Pie] - Punched through the back and heart ripped out by Jared Herholtz.
  • Mike Miller [Bonzo] - Strangled, neck snapped, and then hung by Jared Herholtz.
  • Chris Payne [Puff] - Sawn in half by Jared Herholtz.
  • Daniel Gutierrezz [Gerald] - Head smashed with a high striker game mallet by Jared Herholtz
  • Reuben Finklestein [Lenny Boboski] - Head blown up with dynamite hidden in pie set by Jared Herholtz
  • Nick Lopez [Vinnie] - Face sprayed with acid by Reuben Finklestein on accident, seltzer bottle replaced by Jared Herholtz. Initially survived but later stabbed in the chest by Jared Herholtz.
  • Miguel Martinez [Sergeant Thaddeus Funnybones The Third] - Stabbed through the face by Jared Herholtz.
  • Sandor Gattyan [Squirts] - Throat slit by Jared Herholtz
  • Kevin R. Elder [Crazy Ernie] - Mauled by a bear and then later hit by a car off-screen. Possibly run over by Jared Herholtz but not confirmed.
  • Matt Sanford [Tipsy] - Killed off-screen with a hatchet by Jared Herholtz.
  • Jon Boltz [Valerie's Father] - Shot in self defense by Kerri Duabe.
  • Thom Booth / Randall Meyer / Brenna Wilmson [Bananas] - Neck snapped by Jared Herholtz.
  • Chad Brummet [Tex] - Stabbed in the back with a hook and then shoved head first into a grass packer by Jared Herholtz.

Female Victims[]

  • Tara Hahn [Brandi] - Decapitated offscreen with a hatchet by Jared Herholtz.