Kirsten Prout in Elektra

Kirsten Prout in Elektra

Kirsten Prout (1990 - )

aka Kirsten Zien

Film Deaths Edit

  • Elektra (2005) [Abby Miller]: Shot to death with an arrow gun (off-screen), along with her father (Goran Visnjic), by a member of the Hand when Jennifer Garner fails to protect them; this turns out to be a vision of one of the possible futures Jennifer is having, which Jennifer then prevents. She is later poisoned with a kiss by Natassia Malthe; she is then brought back to life with a mystic ceremony by Jennifer.
  • My Life as a Dead Girl (2015) [Chelsea]: Accidentally shot in the back by Chad Rook, who mistakes Kirsten for Cassandra Scerbo, as Cassandra watches in horror.
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