Kirsten Bishop (1963 - 2014)

Kirsten Bishop's death in Nikita: Phoenix

a.k.a. Kirsten Bishopric

Film Deaths Edit

  • Jerry and Tom (1998) [Dead Blonde]: Smothered with a pillow by Joe Mantegna, after being shot in the stomach (off-screen) by Sam Rockwell while she's asleep in bed. (The scene ends just after the shooting; throughout the scene Sam and Joe believe she's already dead until she begins to stir, at which point Joe finishes her off by smothering her).
  • Frequency (2000) [Carrie Reynolds]: Strangled (off-screen) by Shawn Doyle; we only see a crime photo of her body afterwards. James Caviezel and Dennis Quaid later manipulate the timestream to prevent her murder from ever happening.
  • The Little Mermaid (1975)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Sailor Moon: A Reluctant Princess (1995; anime) [Zoicite]: Fatally wounded by Queen Beryl (voiced by Naz Edwards); she dies in the arms of Malachite (voiced by Dennis Akayama) shorty afterwards. (Note: the character Zoisite was male in the original Japanese version, but was voiced by Kirsten and presented as female in the English-dubbed version to elimianate the Implications of homosexuality). (Thanks to Bryan)
  • Sailor Moon: Jealousy's Just Reward (1998; anime) [Emerald]: Sucked into a vortex after transforming from a dragon back into her human form, after being defeated by Sailor Moon (voiced by Terri Hawkes). (Thanks to Bryan)
  • Sailor Moon: Birthday Blues Part 2 (2000; anime) [Kaorinite]: Knocked off of a ledge by Sailor Uranus (voiced by Sarah Lafleur) using her “World Shaking Attack” on her. (The character returned in the subsequent episode, but it was stated that she was killed and brought back to life). (Thanks to Paul)
  • Sailor Moon: Fiendish Ferns (2000; anime) [Telelu]: Eaten by her own carnivorous plant. (Thanks to Bryan and Paul)
  • Sailor Moon: Darkness My Old Friend (2000; anime) [Kaorinite]: Electrocuted when Mistress Nine (voiced by Susan Aceron) throws her against an electrified wall. (Thanks to Bryan and Paul)

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Kirsten Bishop in Jerry and Tom

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