Kiren David just before her death in 'Hell's Highway'

Kiren David just before her death in Hell's Highway

Kiren David's death in 'Hell's Highway'

Kiren David's death in Hell's Highway

Kiren David (19?? - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Hell's Highway (2002) [Sarah]: After being kidnapped by a cloning lab for experimental tissue and to keep her quiet about her confrontations with the results of their earlier experiments. Kiren is killed when the last surviving clone of Lucindia Polonia (Phoebe Dollar) forces her way into the cloning lab and open fires on the staff with a shotgun causing an explosion. Their is also a brief scene of Kiren in the car with her drunken friends Hank Horner, Beverly Lynne and Jonathan Gray where they are hit by a train while driving as Kiren believed they were already dead and in Hell.
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