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Kinnosuke Nakamura In the Ambitious

Kinnosuke Nakamura (1932 - 1997)

Film Deaths[]

  • Bushido (Bushidô zankoku monogatari) (1963) [Jirozaemon / Iikura / Sajiemon / Kyutaro / Shuzo / Shingo / Osamu / Susumu]: Kinnosuke plays a total of 8 characters. I don't remember exactly how they all die, but 7 out of 8 die as he plays the next generation of the previous character. I only remember one character is killed in a duel and another commits suicide via hara-kiri.
  • Chirvalrous Story of Japan (Nihon kyokaku-den) (1964) [Seiji] Stabbed to death by rival gangsters. 
  • Revenge (Adauchi) (1964) [Shinpachi Ezaki]: Stabbed to death by multiple samurai after he begins to win his duel.
  • The Ambitious (Bakumatsu) (1970) [Ryoma Sakamoto] Dies after being stabbed numerous times by mutliple assassins. 
  • The Fall of Ako Castle (Akô-jô danzetsu) (1978) [Kuranosuke Ohishi]: Has his head cut off after committing hara-kiri.
  • The Shogun Assassins (Sanada Yukimura no bouryaku) (1979) [Tokugawa Ieyasu]: Decapitated by Hiroki Matsukata.

TV Deaths[]

  • Lone Wolf and Cub: Episode 3.26 (1976) [Ogami Itto]: Dies of his wounds after a sword duel with Kei Satô.


Brother of Katsuo Nakamura

Uncle of Shidô Nakamura