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Kichiemon Nakamura in 'Kuroneko'


Kichiemon Nakamura (1944 - 2021)

a.k.a. Mannosuke Nakamura

Film Deaths[]

  • Kuroneko (Yabu no naka no kuroneko; Black Cat) (1968) [Gintoki]: Frozen to death in the snow after trying to battle the ghost of his mother (Nobuko Otowa); his body is shown lying on the ground afterwards.
  • Double Suicide (Shinju: Ten no Amijma) (1969) [Jihei]: Commits suicide by hanging himself (with the assistance of the stagehand/puppeteers), after killing Shima Iwashita. Their bodies are shown again afterwards lying side by side. (This film combines film techniques with the traditions of stage and puppet theater; thus, the stagehand/puppeteers are visible to the audience but are not actually present within the story.)

TV Deaths[]

None Known

Noteworthy Connections[]