Kevin Smith in Another WolfCop

Kevin Smith (1970 - )


Not to be confused with New Zealand actor Kevin Smith.

Film DeathsEdit

  • Southland Tales (2007) [Simon Theory]: Killed in an explosion, along with everybody else aboard the Mega-Zeppelin, when Lou Taylor Pucci fires a rocket launcher at it (for this role, Kevin was made to look far older than he actual was at the time). (Thanks to ND and Frank)
  • Yoga Hosers (2016) [The Bratzis]: Kevin plays tiny bratwurst monsters and dies numerous times throughout the film. Most involved him being squashed. 
  • Another WolfCop (2017) [Mayor Bubba]: Bitten on the throat by a lizard creature after it bursts out of his stomach, after Kevin drinks Yannick Bisson's alien-egg infested beer. 

TV DeathsEdit

  • Clerks The Animated Series: Dante and Randal and Jay and Silent Bob and a Bunch of New Characters and Lando Take Part in a Whole Bunch of Movie Parodies Including, But Not Exclusive toThe Bad News Bears, The Last Starfighter, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Plus A High School Reunion (2000; animated) [Asian Lesbian/Silent Bob]: Playing duel roles, "Asian Lesbian" is killed in an explosion (off screen) after Jay (voiced by Jason Mewes) pulls a cave's self destruct mechanism ("Silent Bob" survives the episode) (Played for Comic Effect).

Notable RelativesEdit


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