Kevin Nealon in 'The League; Rafi and Dirty Randy.'

Kevin Nealon (1953 - )

Film DeathsEdit

None Known

TV DeathsEdit

  • Saturday Night Live (Feb. 27, 1988) [Detective]: In a commercial parody centering around trap doors, he falls into a pit after Jon Lovitz activates a trap door just as Kevin is about to question Jon.
  • Saturday Night Live (Sept. 30, 1989) [Terrorist]: Either killed in an explosion or falls to his death after terrorist leader Phil Hartman blows up the plane. After the explosion, only Phil, Bruce Willis and Jan Hooks are seen falling, so while his fate isn't seen, it is assumed he dies.
  • Saturday Night Live (Mar. 16, 1991) [Johnny Whittaker]: Shot in the chest by Michael J. Fox, in a parody of the "funny guy" scene from Goodfellas. (I haven't seen this episode, but SNL Transcripts mentions he dies.
  • Saturday Night Live (Mar. 21, 1992) [Events Coordinator #2]: Decapitated (off-screen), alongside Phil Hartman and Mike Myers, by the Emperor after they fail to come up with events for the Collesium. All three of their heads are seen on pikes at the end of the sketch.
  • Saturday Night Live (May 14, 1994) [Man in Bar]: In a game of mimic where Kevin and Heather Locklear try to top each other, he is poisoned after being tricked into drinking a bottle of poison. After Heather drinks hers, she reveals that it's water and when Kevin takes off his bottle's lable, it's revealed to be "REALLY BAD POISON" after which he dies.
  • The League: Rafie and Dirty Randy (2013) [Chuck Falcon]: Shot in the chest by Seth Rogen after Kevin makes Seth and Jason Mantzoukas a deal with his porn company. (Played for comedic effect)
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