Kevin Anderson (II) in Father's Day


Kevin Anderson's severed head in Father's Day

Kevin Anderson (19?? -)

Not to be confused with the American actor Kevin Anderson

Film DeathsEdit

  • Father's Day (2011) [Father O'Flynn]: Suffocated when Mackenzie Murdock disconnects Kevin's oxygen tank; Mackenzie then decapitates Kevin's body (off-screen). His severed head is shown afterwards when Matthew Kennedy opens a cardboard box and discovers it. He appears as a spirit in Heaven afterwards when Matthew arrives.
  • The Editor (2014) [Francesco Mancini]: Decapitated (off-screen) by Paz de la Huerta; his body is shown afterwards as Paz kneels beside his body and holds his severed head. It's later revealed that most of the story has been Matthew Kennedy's delusion; it's not established whether Kevin was actually killed in reality. (In the US DVD's audio commentary, the filmmakers mention that they re-used the exact same special-effects dummy head from Father's Day.)

TV DeathsEdit

None known.

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