Kent Cheng (1951 - )

Turkye Bomb

Kent Cheng in Flashpoint

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Imp(Xiong Bang) (1981) [Fatty]: Killed by the supernatural force of the Imp while driving, his car is engulfed in green fog and then lifted up and then slammed down violently, then set on fire from the inside by the force. He appears later as a demonic ghost terrorizing Charlie Chin.
  • Crime Story (Cung on zo) (1993) [Detective Hung]: After being caught in a blast, he is unable to movie. He briefly talks to Jackie Chan, but soon dies when the ceiling falls on him and then when the building he is in explodes.
  • Flashpoint (Dou fo sin) (2007) [Inspector Wong]: Dies when a bomb within a cooking turkey blows up in Kent's face.


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