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Kenneth Cranham in Rome: Pharsalus

Kenneth Cranham (1944 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Up Pompeii (1971) [1st Christian]: Killed along with everybody else when the volcano erupts.
  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) [Dr. Phillip Channard]: After being transformed into a Cenobite and directly connected by his skull to the Leviathan's tentacle, he is decapitated when Imogen Boorman closes the demonic puzzle box, causing the Leviathan to forcibly retract its tentacle (while Kenneth has got his own tentacles stuck in a ledge while trying to grab Imogen).
  • Layer Cake (2004) [Jimmy Price]: Shot in the head by Daniel Craig in Kenneth's garden; the camera pulls back to a very distant view just before the shooting.
  • Maleficent (2014) [King Henry]: Mortally wounded when Angelina Jolie knocks him off his horse in battle. He dies (off-screen) after Sharlto Copley brings him Angelina's wings in revenge, allowing Sharlto to take the throne.

TV Deaths[]

  • Rome: Pharsalus (2005) [Pompey Magnus]: Stabbed in the stomach and then decapitated by David Kennedy, while Kenneth's family (Anna Patrick, Eliza Darby, and Michele Pettini) look on in horror from their ship. His severed head is later presented to Ciaran Hinds as a gift. (Thanks to Vandevere, Vlabor, and Stephen)
  • Marple: A Pocketful Of Rye (2008) [Rex Fortescue]: Killed by naive housemaid Rose Heiney who is duped by Rupert Graves into poisoning Cranham's honey. (Thanks to Brian).
  • Bancroft: S1 E2 (2017) [Charlie Baverstock]: Confined to a wheelchair, he is killed by Sarah Parish who pushes him down the slope over the stream running below his property and he smashes his head on the rocks. (Thanks to Brian)

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