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Kenji Sahara in ‘Matango'.

Kenji Sahara (1932 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Godzilla (1954) [Man on Ship]: Killed (off-screen) by Godzilla.
  • Mothra (1961) [Helicopter Pilot]: Killed in an Explosion when his helicopter crashes, caused by Mothra.
  • Matango (1963) [Senzo Koyama]: Shot by Hiroshi Tachikawa.
  • Atragon (1963) [Mu Agent]: Shot by the Military.
  • Mothra vs. Godzilla (Godzilla vs. The Thing) (1964) [Jiro Torahata]: Killed when Godzilla rams into the building, making the roof collapse on him (as he's trying to get away with money).
  • Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965) [Soldier]: Killed by Baragon.
  • None But the Brave (1965) [Cpl. Fujimoto] Shot in the chest by an American soldier. 
  • Space Amoeba (1970) ​[Makoto Obata]: Possessed by the Yog monster (I don't know if this will count as a 'death' but I'll list it just in case.)
  • Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) [Hachiro Jinguji]: Explosion by the Gigan.