Kendall Cross and Dean Wray appearing in Smallville: Relic (2003)

Kendall Cross (19?? - )

Film DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Smallville: Relic (2003) [Jessica Kent]: Dies off-screen between the setting of the episode (1961-2003). She is referenced to throughout the series. She appears with her husband (Dean Wray) and helps Tom Welling out.
  • Smallville: Memoria (2004) [Lara (Voice)]: Killed (off-screen), alongside her husband in the explosion of Krypton, several years before the series takes place. She was in a recovered memory had by Tom Welling while being tortured where Tom was a baby when his parents put him in the ship to be taken off before the planet is destroyed. Her character would be revived later on in the series, but would be played by Helen Slater.
  • Impact (2009; TV) [Courtney Batterton]: Falls to her death after she loses her grip on a cliff edge as Benjamin Sadler tries to save her.
  • Supernatural: The Slice Girls (2012) [Charlene Penn]: Shot in the chest by Jared Padalecki
  • The 100: Survival of the Fittest (2015) [Major Byrne]: Dies of shock/blood loss after a mutant gorilla rips off her arm.


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