Kendall Carly Browne (1918 - 2018)


Kendall Carly Browne in CSI: Loco Motives.

Film Deaths Edit

  • Dreamscape (1984) [Mrs. Matusik]: Dies of a heart attack in the laboratory when David Patrick Kelly enters her mind and stabs her in her dream. We only see the external reality of the heart attack; David later boasts to Dennis Quaid how he killed her in the dream. (Thanks to Mac)

TV Deaths Edit

  • CSI: Loco Motives (2006) [Max’s Grandmother]: Accidentally suffocated when her grandson (Parker Goris) pinches shut her oxygen tube by sitting in a rocking chair next to her bed, many years before the episode begins; shown in a flashback when her now-adult grandson (Matt Malloy) explains to Paul Guilfoyle what happened in his childhood.

Notable Connections Edit

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