Ken Lo (1957 - )

Ken Lo

Ken Lo in Triad Wars

Film DeathsEdit

  • Dead or Alive: Final (2002) [Gangster] Has his own bullet kicked through his forehead by Sho Aikawa
  • New Police Story (San ging caat goo si) (2004) [Kwong]: Dies in one of Daniel Wu's traps.
  • Into the Sun (2005) [Chen]: Falls to his death when Steven Seagal throws him out of a window at the end of a fight.
  • The Myth (Shen hua) (2005) [Dragon]: Crushed to death by a stone horse.
  • Shinjuku Incident (San suk si gin) (2009) [Little Tai]: Stabbed to death by Yakuza.
  • The White Storm (Sao du) (2013) [Bobby]: Shot in the chest multiple times by Hoi-Pang Lo. His body then falls off a cliff. 
  • Operation Mekong (Mei Gong he xing dong) (2016) [Hitong/Xing Ding] Shot under the chin by Eddie Peng after he had already surrendered. 


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