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Ken Curtis’ death in The Killer Shrews

Ken Curtis (1916 - 1991)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Escort West (1958) [Trooper Burch]: Shot in the chest by his fellow trooper in betrayal.
  • The Killer Shrews (1959) [Jerry Farrell]: Killed and eaten by the giant mutated shrews when he tries to run for the beach after the others had lured the creatures away.
  • The Alamo (1960) [Capt. Almeron Dickinson]: Shot to death by a Mexican soldier near the breach in the north wall during the final battle of the Alamo. (Historically, Capt. Dickinson died in the chapel).
  • Pony Express Rider (1976) [Jed Richardson]: He beats Buck Taylor in a violent fist fight in a saloon, but as he walks to the bar Taylor shoots him in the back. (Thanks to Brian)

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Gunsmoke: Change of Heart (1959) [Brisco]: Playing an opportunistic swindler Ken is mortally wounded by his sister (Lucy Marlow) in a hotel hallway when she changes her mind about helping Ken to steal James Drury's ranch. Ken lives long enough to return fire and fatally shoot Lucy in the stomach. (Note: Ken later returned to the series as a different and regular character, “Deputy Festus”).
  • Rawhide: Incident of the Lost Idol (1961) [Vic Slade]: Shot to death along with K.L. Smith in a gunfight with Claude Akins when Claude decides to escape from the bounty hunters by blasting his was out of the cabin he was in.
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