Ken'inchi Endo In Azumi

Ken'ichi Endo (1961 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Violent Cop (Sono otoko, kyobo ni tsuki; Warning, This Man Is Wild) (1989) [Emoto]: Stabbed to death by Hakuryû.
  • Nobody (1999) [Jippo]: Shot to multiple times by Masaya Kato and falls off a parking garage. However, right before the film ends he is shown perfectly fine when he tires to get a job at Masaya's firm.
  • The Guys from Paradise (Tengoku kara kita otoko-tachi) (2000) [Toshiyuki Umino] Shot to death by bandits. 
  • Tomie: Replay (2000) [Dr. Tachibana]: Commits suicide by jumping off the roof of a hospital. 
  • Agitator (Araburu tamashii-tachi) (2001) [Muroi]: Murdered off-screen. He goes to answer the door and we only hear him being killed. 
  • Sabu (2002) [Giichi]: Possibly dies after having his skull cracked by Tatsuya Fujiwara in a fight. It's stated that he is in critical condition, but his fate is never confirmed.
  • Azumi (2003) [Isshin Sajiki]: First has a sword thrown into his chest and then has his stomach slashed in a duel.
  • The Man in White (Yurusarezaru mono) (2003) [Niimi]: Shot to death by Masaya Kato.
  • Flower and Snake (Hana to hebi) (2004) [Kanzô Morita]: Shot to death by Aya Sugimoto
  • Azumi 2: Love and Death (2005) [Kinkaku]: Dies after throwing dynamite at a nearby enemy to blow him up. He dies of his wounds while talking to Shun Oguri.
  • 20th Century Boys 1: Beginning of the End  (20-seiki shônen: Honkaku kagaku bôken eiga) (2008) [Bloody Man]: Beaten to death by vagrants.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]


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