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Kelly Reilly in Britannia: Episode 9

Kelly Reilly (1977 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005) [Maureen]: Killed (off-screen) by falling debris during a bombing raid; her body is shown afterwards being pulled out of the rubble.
  • Eden Lake (2008) [Jenny]: Killed (off-screen) by Shaun Dooley and the other parents and older siblings, avenging the deaths of Thomas Turgoose and Finn Atkins. We only hear her death screams as she's being restrained in a downstairs bathroom as Jack O'Connell listens upstairs.
  • Innocence (2013) [Pamela Hamilton]: Stabbed in the chest by Sophie Curtis.
  • The Take (Bastille Day) (2016) [Karen Dacre]: Shot to death by José Garcia.
  • 10x10 (2018) [Cathy]: In a life and death struggle with Luke Evans, she is killed after Luke hits her twice in the throat with the dull end of a pitchfork, and she is then crushed by a falling garage door.

TV Deaths[]

  • Poirot: Sad Cypress (2003) [Mary Gerrard]: Poisoned when she eats some sandwiches that Elisabeth Dermot-Walsh had tampered with; her body is shown afterwards sitting in a chair when Phyllis Logan discovers her. (Thanks to Hamish)
  • Britannia: Episode 9 (2018) [Kerra]: Stabbed in her solar plexis with a knife,then cut across her lower chest area and then her heart ripped out by David Morrissey after she rips her own dress from her breast area ,lying down on the floor,cursing him to go to hell while he is on top of her. (Nudity alert: Topless)