Lady Deathstrike's death

Kelly Hu in X-Men 2

Kelly Hu (1968 - )

Miss Teen USA of 1985

Film DeathsEdit

  • No Way Back (1995) [Seiko Kobayashi]: Falls to her death (landing on a van) from a window when she backs away from Russell Crowe after he enters the apartment (her body is later seen when she drops a grenade, causing an explosion). (Thanks to Ric)
  • X2 (2003) [Yuriko 'Lady Deathstrike' Oyama]: Injected with a large amount of the liquid metal Adamantium (which immediately solidifies inside her body) at the end of a fight with Hugh Jackman in Brian Cox's secret headquarters (with her body falling back into a flooded tank). (Thanks to Michelle, Wen and Germboygel)
  • Farm House (2008) [Lilith]: Stabbed in the head with a meat thermometer by William Lee Scott during a struggle in a kitchen; she is later revealed to be a demon and she did not actually die. (Thanks to Prytron)
  • Stiletto (2008) [Detective Hanover]: Shot in the back of the head (leaving a gruesome exit wound in her face) by a thug while she's talking to Paul Sloan in the street.
  • Age of Tomorrow (2014) [Dr. Gordon]: Face explodes after an alien locks her in a cell and activates a device that launches some sort of sonic attack on her.

TV DeathsEdit

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (2004) [Visas Marr]: Executed by the player character following Kelly's attempt on their life, but only if the player decides not to spare and recruit her instead. Late in the game, Kelly can also be talked into killing herself in order to help weaken Darth Nihilus during the final battle.


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