Kelly Brook (1979 - )
Kelly Brook Metal Hurlant 0

Kelly Brook's death in Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Master of Destiny

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Piranha 3D (2010) [Danni]: Devoured by piranhas when she falls into the water, after the piranhas bite at her hair while she's crossing a rope between two boats. (Thanks to Arben, Tommy, Fleming, Byron, and Cody)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Midsomer Murders: Till Death Do Us Part (2018) [Laurel Newman]: Squeezed to death in her wedding dress by Fenella Woolgar who laces her so tightly that a rib breaks and punctures her spleen. The actual crime is shown as flashback. Her body is shown first when Fiona Dolman finds her in her bedroom. Her body is shown again when medics examine her body at the crime scene and again at the morgue.


Notable ConnectionsEdit

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