Kazuki Kitamura in Freeze Me

Kazuki Kitamura (1969 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Onibi (The Fire Within) (1997) [Hideyuki Sakata]: Dies when a gangster puts a pillow over his head and shoots him. His body is later shown floating in a river.
  • Full Metal Yakuza (Full Metal Gokudo) (1997) [Matsuba]: Cut in half with a sword by Tsuyoshi Ujiki.
  • Ley Lines (Nihon Kuroshakai) (1999) [Ryuishi]: While still alive when the film ends, he is shot multiple times and is on a paddle boat in the middle of ocean which is filling up with his blood, so his fate is clear.
  • Freeze Me (2000) [Hirokawa]: Bashed in the head by Harumi Inoue while taking a bath. She then keeps his body frozen in her refrigerator and it is later discovered.
  • Kill Bill: Vol.1 (2003) [Crazy 88 #2/Boss Koji]: Kazuki plays duel roles in the film. Crazy 88 #2 dies when he is sliced with a sword by Uma Thurman. Boss Koji survies the film.
  • The Man in White (Yurusarezaru mono) (2003) [Shinichi Mizutani]: Shot in the neck with a crossbow.
  • Godzilla: Final Wars (Gojira: Fainaru uôzu) (2004) [Controller of Planet X]: Dies when the alien space craft he is in explodes.
  • Killers (2014) [Nomura]: After shooting Oka Antara in the face he is then dragged off the top of a building as Oka had handcuffed Kazuki when he wasn't looking causing both to fall off the building. Kazuki doesn't die instantly after landing on a car, but dies after saying 'cut' when a child takes photo of a dying Kazuki with his phone.
  • Parasyte: Part 2 (Kiseijuu: Kanketsuhen) (2015) [Takeshi Hirokawa]: Machine-gunned to death by the police.
  • Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no junin) (2017) [Sabato Kuroi] Stabbed to death by Takuya Kimura.

TV DeathsEdit

None known.

Gallery Edit

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