Katie McGrath in Merlin: The Diamond of the Day - Part 2

Katie McGrath (1983 - )

Film Deaths: Edit

  • Red Mist (Freakdog) (2008) [Harriet]: Drained of blood by Andrew Lee Potts (while possessing her boyfriend) with medical syringes in a bathtub (off-screen); her body is shown when Arielle Kebbel discovers her.
  • W.E. (2011) [Lady Thelma]: Dies of a heart attack (off-screen) during the passage of time between the 1930s and 2001. Her death is not mentioned, but is a matter of historic record.
  • Jurassic World (2015) [Zara]: Eaten by a Mosasaurus while struggling with a Pteranodon in the Mosasaurus' lagoon.

Television Deaths: Edit

  • Labyrinth: Episode 2 (2012) [Oriane]: Stabbed in the stomach by Emun Elliott with a dagger; she dies after stumbling away.
  • Frontier: Cannonball (2017) [Elizabeth Carruthers]: Bludgeoned to death with a table ornament by Shawn Doyle. Her body is shown again in the following episode "Keetom Takooteeoo Maheekum" (Return of the Wolf) when her husband (Allan Hawco) sees her.


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