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Kathleen Quinlan in Picture Windows: Lightning

Kathleen Quinlan (1954 - )

Film Deaths

  • The Runner Stumbles (1979) [Sister Rita]: I don't know the details of her death, but the plot summary on the IMDB mentions that she dies.
  • Hanky Panky (1982) [Janet Dunn]: Shot when her gun goes off during a struggle with Richard Widmark. We hear the shot from outside the room; she then staggers out and dies in Gene Wilder's arms. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
  • Trial by Jury (1994) [Wanda]: Shot to death in the crossfire of a shoot-out. (Thanks to F.B.)
  • Event Horizon (1997) [Med Tech. Dr. Peters]: Falls to her death down a shaft (land in on a grated gangway, having hit several structures on the way down) after being lured into a trap by a vision of her son (Barclay Wright). Her mutilated body is later seen when Sam Neil kneels by her side on discovering her. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
  • The Hills Have Eyes (2006) [Ethel Carter]: Shot in the chest by Robert Joy in the camper, after she attacks Robert with a rock. She dies in Aaron Stanford's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Nick, Robert, F.B., Traveling Man, and Eric)
  • Harm's Way (2007) [Bea]: Stabbed in the back by Hannah Lochner. (Thanks to Germboygel)

TV Deaths

  • Picture Windows: Lightning (1995) [Mollie]: Drowned after a mule knocks her into a pit of quicksand. The scene cuts from her half-submerged to a shot of the mule, then cuts back to show her hat floating on the surface.

Notable Connections

  • Mrs. Bruce Abbott
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