Kathleen Byron (1921 - 2009)


Kathleen Byron in Crazed

Film Deaths Edit

  • Black Narcissus (1947) [Sister Ruth]: Falls to her death from the cliffside bell tower after she tries to push Deborah Kerr over. (Thanks to Constantine)
  • Madness Of The Heart (1949) [Verity Faimont]: Killed in the fireball of her car, along with Maxwell Reed, as she drives too fast on the dark, wet, clifftop road and swerves to avoid a horse and cart, crashing through the barrier and down the cliff and the car explodes. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Profile (1954) [Margot]: Killed offscreen by Ivan Craig, method not disclosed but there is no sign of blood so she was probably strangled. Her butler finds her dead on the floor in the morning. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Crazed (Demon Master; The Infernal Idol) (1974) [Murial Sharp]: Impaled in the throat when she falls against the idol during a struggle with Jack Palance. (Thanks to Eric)
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