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Katheryn Winnick impaled on a rack of antlers in Killers

Katheryn Winnick (1977 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Biohazardous (2001) [Jennifer]: gets eaten by a horde of zombies, while trying to scape a medical facility.
  • Killers (2010) [Vivian]: Impaled by a deer-antler chandelier (impaling herself in her breasts and stomach with the antlers) after Ashton Kutcher fires a shot that sends it swinging towards her, while she's trying to kill Ashton.
  • The Dark Tower (2017) [Laurie Chambers]: Burned to death (off-screen) after Matthew McConaughey kisses her forehead before Katheryn turns into ashes. We only seen Matthew confront Katheryn. Later, Katheryn's ashes was found by her son (Tom Taylor) and Idris Elba and her death appears in flashback.
  • Polar (2019) [Vivian]: Presumably killed after getting shot several times in her back (through her left breast, shoulder) with automatic sensor rifles controlled by Mads Mikkelsen. (We don't see her dying but from her severe injuries and no immediate medical attention implies that she will be dead)

TV Deaths[]

  • Sydney Fox: Nine lives (2000) [Roselyn]: pushed out from a window (by someone or something), after stealing an egyptian statue from Tia Carrere and Christen Anholt.
  • CSI: Miami: Rap Sheet (2004) [Nicole Harjo]: Bleeds to death after she was stabbed with a corkscrew by Mick Betancourt, who turns out to be Colleen Porch's ex-boyfriend.
  • Nikita: Partners (2011) [Kelly]: Shot by Maggie Q as Katheryn goes to shoot Lyndsy Fonseca.
  • Vikings: Death and the Serpent (2019) [Lagertha]: Stabbed to death by Marco Ilsø. Her body is also shown in the next episode The Ice Maiden.