Katharine Isabelle (1981 - )

a.k.a. Katie Murray, or Katharine Isobel Murray

Film Deaths

  • Ginger Snaps (2000) [Ginger Fitzgerald]: Stabbed in the side (while in her werewolf form) by her sister (Emily Perkins) after Katharine attacks Emily. (She reappears as a vision/hallucination to Emily in the 2004 sequel Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed.) (Katharine's werewolf form was portrayed by stunt performer Nick Nolan.)
  • American Mary (2012) [Mary Mason]: Stabbed in the stomach by Travis Watters from her behind (whom she kills in turn); she dies (off-screen) some time afterwards after attempting to stitch up her wound. Her body is shown afterwards as John Emmet Tracy investigates.

TV Deaths

  • Titanic (1996 TV) [Ophelia Jack]: Drowns or freezes to death (off-screen) in the sinking of the Titanic. (Note: This is not the James Cameron film, but the made-for-TV movie made a year earlier.)
  • Carrie (2002) [Tina Blake]: Crushed to death when Angela Bettis uses her telekinetic powers to make a basketball backboard fall on Katharine in the gym.


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