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Kath Soucie (1967- )

Kath Soucie

Film Deaths[]

  • Gen 13 (2000; animated) [Rachel]: Shot to death by government agents while trying to escape with her husband and children.

TV Deaths[]

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (1993; animated) [Sallybot]: Destroyed by Sonic. (details needed)
  • Rugrats: Under Chuckie's Bed (1994, animated) [Baranby Jones]: Eaten by the monster under his bed in a story told by Angelica (Cheryl Chase) to scare Chuckie (Christine Cavanaugh).
  • Spawn: Evil Intent (1997; animated) [Cyan/Little Girl]: The "Little Girl" is killed (offscreen) by Billy Kincaid (Ronny Cox) when he lures her into his van posing as an ice cream man. Cyan survives.
  • Futurama: Space Pilot 3000 (1999) [20th Century Kid]: Dies sometime during the passage of time between 1999-3000.
  • Futurama: Anthology of Interest I (2000) [Cubert]: In "Dial L for Leela", he is impaled in the gut with a sword by Leela (Katey Sagal). She turns the light off to kill him, then turns it back on, revealing his death. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy (2005) [Maddie Fenton/Box Lunch]: Killed in a expolsion with Rob Paulsen , Ricky D'Shon Collins,Ron Perlman , Grey DeLisle ,Colleen O'Shaughessey with boiler by Eric Roberts Box Lunch killing expolsion with by David Kaufman.
  • Stroker and Hoop: Tinfoiled Again (2005) [Brittany Ashley/Ashley Brittany]: Voicing a set of twins both of them commit suicide by drinking poison along with the rest of the cult members.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Pursuit of Peace (2010; animated) [Mina Bonteri/Mon Mothma]: "Mina Bonteri" is said to have been killed in a republic attack, in reality, she was assassinated offscreen by Count Dooku (Corey Burton)'s Agents. "Mon Mothma lives".
  • Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal (2015; animated) [Maketh Tua/]: Killed in a staged attack by Darth Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones).
  • Star Wars Rebels: Legacy (2015; animated) [Mira Bridger]: Killed (offscreen) along her husband (Dee Bradley Baker), while helping prisoners to escape; their deaths are later discussed and revealed by Ryder Azadi (voiced by Clancy Brown).

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Fallout (1997) [The Master/Laura]: "The Master" can be killed in combat by the player character, blown up by them, or he can blow himself up after being convinced that his plan will fail; "Laura" can be killed by the player, or in the aforementioned explosion; both characters survive the game if these deaths are avoided. (See also Jim Cummings for "The Master".)
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (2003) [Tavion Axmis]: Killed by Philip Tanzini while Peter Lurie was possessing her.
  • Gun (2005) [Jenny]: Neck slit with a razor by Reverend Reed (voice of Brad Dourif).
  • Mass Effect (2007) [Kaira Stirling/Greta Reynolds/The Rachni Queen]: Depending on the player's choice, "the Queen" can be gassed to death by Mark Meer/Jennifer Hale; she survives the game if the player chooses to spare her; "Stirling" is shot to death by Mark/Jennifer if the player chooses to raid the Synthetic Insights office, and survives the game otherwise; "Greta" is shot to death by Mark/Jennifer or their squad if the player chooses not to use the anti-Thorias gas grenades.