Katelyn Tarver (1989 - )

Screenshot 20181211-004551

Katelyn Tarver suffocated with a bag in Babysitters Nightmare

Film DeathsEdit

  • Babysitter's Nightmare (2018) [Claire Carven]: Dies of suffocation when Arianne Zucker places a plastic bag over her head. Her death is shown in the beginning of the film.

Notable ConnectionsEdit


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Moments before Katelyn Tarver gets a bag put over her head in Babysitters Nightmare

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Screenshot 20181211-004339

Moments before Katelyn Tarver is murdered by suffocating in a bag in Babysitters Nightmare

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Screenshot 20181211-004654
Screenshot 20181211-004720

Katelyn Tarver getting suffocated in Babysitters Nightmare

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Katelyn Tarver corpse in Babysitters Nightmare

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