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Kate Nelligan in Fatal Instinct

Kate Nelligan (1950 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Arcata Promise (1974) [Laura]: Shot to death by Anthony Hopkins; we only see Anthony firing, followed by a close-up of Kate's hand falling from the table.
  • Dracula (1979) [Lucy Seward]: Bitten and later turned into a vampire by Frank Langella (despite attempts to give her blood transfusion). She later changes back to normal after Frank burns to death by the sunlight.
  • Eleni (1985) [Eleni]: Executed by a firing squad.
  • Fatal Instinct (1993) [Lana Ravine]: Shot in the stomach by Sherilyn Fenn, while Kate is charging at Sherilyn and Armand Assante wielding a handsaw. She then staggers backwards and falls out the window.
  • Wolf (1994) [Charlotte Skylar Randall]: Killed (off-screen) by the werewolf James Spader.

Television Deaths[]

  • Teresa Raquin (1980) [Thérèse Raquin]: Commits suicide alongside Brian Cox while Mona Washbourne watches in horror.
  • Love & Hate: The Story of Colin & Joanne Thatcher (1989) [Joanne Thatcher]: Shot in the head by Kenneth Welsh.