Lori's death (2012)

Kate Beckinsale in Total Recall (2012)

Kate Beckinsale (1973 - )

Film Deaths:

  • Haunted (1995) [Christina Mariell]: Burned to death (off-screen), along with Anthony Andrews and Alex Lowe, in a fire started by Anna Massey five years before the story takes place; towards the end of the movie, Aidan Quinn discovers that Kate, Anthony and Alex have been ghosts all along.
  • Van Helsing (2004) [Anna Valerious]: Neck and/or back broken when Hugh Jackman lunges at her in his werewolf form, pinning her against a couch, just as she injects him with the cure for his lycanthropy. Her body is shown when he cries over her while changing back then again as Hugh and David Wenham prepare her funeral pyre (she later appears as a spirit to them along with her family before they move on into the afterlife). (There's been some debate as to the cause of Kate's death, but the novelization reportedly confirms that her spine was broken.) (Thanks to Brandon, Abraham, and Milou)
  • Snow Angels (2007) [Annie Marchand]: Shot in the back of the head by Sam Rockwell (who blames her for their daughter's death). (Thanks to Arben)
  • Total Recall (2012) [Lori Quaid]: Shot in the chest by Colin Farrell with her own gun following a fight (she then falls out of the back of an ambulance). (See also Sharon Stone in the 1990 original.) (Thanks to Tommy)

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