Karishma Tanna (1983-)

Karishma tanna 1

Karishma Tanna dead in Qayamat ki Raat

Film DeathsEdit


TV DeathsEdit

  • Qayamat ki Raat: Ep 37 (2018) [Raajlakshmi]: Playing a dual role of the lead character's grandmother, she is stabbed in her tummy with multiple scissors thrown by a witch.
  • Qayamat ki Raat: Ep 52 (2018) [Gauri]: Stabbed twice in her stomach. She is revived in the next episode.
  • Qayamat ki Raat: Ep 54 (2018) [Gauri]: Dies of her injuries in a forest after getting hit in the head fighting the main villian. She takes rebirth at some other place while dying.
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