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Karen Gillan in Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens

Karen Gillan (1987 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Outcast (2010) [Ally]: Mauled to death (off-screen) by the creature; we only see the creature dragging her down an alley followed by her screaming.
  • Oculus (2014) [Kaylie Russell]: Accidentally impaled through the neck with a weight by Brenton Thwaites while he is under the influence of the evil mirror. Her ghostly form is seen (alongside Katee Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane) as Brenton is being taken away by the police.
  • Fun Size Horror: Volume Two (Conventional) (2015) [Rachel Milligan]: Stabbed in the back with an axe by Matty Cardarople.
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) [Martha Kaply/Ruby Roundhouse]: Playing a video game avatar of Morgan Turner, she dies in the following ways: (1) Shot in the back by Bobby Cannavale's men during a chase; she re-spawns after dying. (2) Bitten by a snake after deliberately stepping on it to help Dwayne Johnson/Alex Wolff beat the game, she again re-spawns after dying.
  • All Creatures Here Below (2018) [Ruby]: Killed by David Dastmalchian when he hits her repeatedly with a shovel. The scene shows David swing the shovel but the shot cuts away before showing the impact.
  • Avengers: Endgame (2019) [Nebula]: Playing the past and present versions of Nebula, the past version is shot in the chest by the present version in order to save Zoe Saldana. (Her "present" self survives the film).
  • Stuber (2019) [Sara Morris]: Shot in the stomach by Iko Uwais during a struggle (off-screen). Her fate wasn't confirm after she was last seen to be fighting for her life as Dave Bautista call for help and then later in the movie, it has been revealed that she died from her wound.
  • Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) [Ruby]: Playing a video game avatar of Morgan Turner, she dies in the following ways: (1) Blown up by Massi Furlan with a rocket launcher (along with Dwayne Johnson/Danny DeVito, Kevin Hart/Danny Glover, Jack Black/Ser'Darius Blain, and Awkwafina/Alex Wolff); she respawns after dying. (2) Falls to her death after being thrown off a bridge by a mandrill; she again re-spawns after dying.
  • The Call of the Wild (2020) [Mercedes]: Drowns in an icy lake after crossing it on a journey, when it is frozen, before it then breaks, along with her brother and husband.
  • Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) [Sam]: Shot to death by Chloe Coleman in a dream sequence. She survives the movie in reality.
  • Sleeping Dogs (2024 film) [Laura Baines]: Shot dead by Tommy Flanagan as she is holding a gun on Russell Crowe.

Television Deaths[]

  • Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii (2008)) [Soothsayer]: Crushed to death when part of the debris in the temple she and the other priestesses are in collapses on top of her as Mount Vesuvius is about to erupt.
  • Doctor Who: Amy's Choice (2010) [Amy Pond]: Dies in two different dream worlds: (1) Deliberately drives into the side of a house, killing both herself and Matt Smith. (2) Dies in an explosion, along with Matt and Arthur Darvill, when Matt activates the TARDIS's self-destruct in an attempt to awaken them. In reality, she survives the episode.
  • Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens (2010) [Amy Pond]: Shot in the stomach by Rory (Arthur Darvill) after his Auton programming activates; she dies in Rory's arms as the episode concludes. She is brought back in the next episode (The Big Bang) when she is placed in the Pandorica, reviving her.
  • Doctor Who: The Almost People (2011) [Amy Pond]: Playing both her regular character and a Flesh doppelganger of herself, the doppelganger is disintegrated by The Doctor (Matt Smith) using his sonic screwdriver in the TARDIS. The real Amy Pond survives this episode.
  • Doctor Who: Night Terrors (2011) [Amy Pond]: Turned into a life-size peg doll when the other peg dolls capture her as Arthur Darvill looks on in shock; she is turned back to normal when Jamie Oram overcomes his fear of the dolls.
  • Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited (2011) [Amy Pond]: Playing both her regular character and an older incarnation of herself, the older version is accidentally killed when several medical robots inject her with medicine that is incompatible with her human physiology.
  • Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan (2012) [Amy Pond]: Dies (off-screen), presumably of old age/natural causes, after deliberately letting a Weeping Angel send her back in time to join Rory (Arthur Darvill. Her death is revealed when her name appears on Arthur's tombstone.