Karen Black (1939 - 2013)


Karen Black in Killing Heat

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Outfit (1973) [Bett Harrow]: Shot to death (off-screen) by hitmen while she's sitting in a car; her body is shown afterwards when Robert Duvall discovers that she's dead. (Thanks to Tony)
  • The Pyx (1973) [Elizabeth Lucy]: Thrown from a twelfth-floor balcony by Jean-Louis Roux after spoiling his Black Mass.
  • The Great Gatsby (1974) [Myrtle Wilson]: Hit by a car (off-screen) driven by Mia Farrow. Her body is shown afterwards when Bruce Dern arrives at the scene.
  • The Squeeze (Diamond Thieves; The Heist; The Rip-Off) (1978) [Clarisse Saunders]: Shot in her chest to death (further details needed). (Thanks to Big O)
  • Killing Heat (Graset sjunger) (1981) [Mary Turner]: Stabbed to death by John Kani. Her body is discovered at the start of the movie, and the rest of the movie proceeds in flashback leading up to the murder.
  • Eternal Evil (The Blue Man) (1985) [Janus]: Shot in the head by Winston Rekert while she's trying to strangle John Novak.
  • Savage Dawn (1985) [Rachel]: Run over by a tank which goes out of control after a granade is thrown into it.

  • Out of the Dark (1989) [Ruth Wilson]: Killed by Cameron Dye (as he's disguised as Bobo)
  • Mirror Mirror (1990) [Susan Gordon]: Dies of shock/blood loss after her hand is mangled in a demonically-possessed garbage disposal.
  • Children of the Night (1991) [Karen Thompson]: Stabbed in the chest by her daughter (Maya McLaughlin) after Karen is transformed into a vampire and goes into a cocoon to hibernate; we only see the blood running out of the cocoon. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
  • Tuesday Never Comes (1992) [Michelle]: Shot (I couldn't tell exactly where she was hit) in the crossfire of a shoot-out between Jason Holt and some drug dealers; she dies shortly afterwards in Jason's arms, as he tries to get her to smoke crack cocaine to ease her pain.
  • Starstruck (1995) [Bertha]: Neck snapped by Julie Strain while Russ Tamblyn films it for his snuff film.
  • Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (Deadly Harvest) (1996) [June Rhodes]: Impaled on a pitchfork (off-screen) after she enters the farmhouse; the scene fades to black as she's being pulled towards the pitchfork. Her body is shown afterwards later on. (Thanks to Liz)
  • Miner's Massacre (Curse of the Forty-Niner) (2002) [Aunt Nelly]: Burned to death when she tries to attack the killer with a lantern. (Thanks to Disciplesoffufkin)
  • Las Vampirious Moronious (2002) [Karen Black]: Bitten on the throat (with comically fake vampire fangs) by Lloyd Kaufman in the Troma Studios office. (This short film is available as a hidden 'Easter Egg' on the US DVD compilation Best of Tromadance Film Festival Vol. 1 and as a bonus feature on Troma's DVD of Tuesday Never Comes.)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Trilogy of Terror (1975 TV movie) [Julie/Millicent/Therese/Amelia]: Playing multiple roles in the three different stories, "Julie/Millicent" kills herself when one of her dual personalities uses a voodoo doll on the other. Her body is shown afterwards when George Gaynes discovers her and removes her wig, revealing that the two "sisters" were the same person. (Karen's other characters survive their stories.)
  • Miami Vice: Victims of Circumstance (1989) [Helen Jackson]: Shot in the chest by John Leguizamo. (Thanks to Vladnos)
  • Trilogy of Terror 2 (1996 TV movie) [Amelia]: During the beginning of the final segment He Who Kills, Amelia (who was possessed by the spirit of the Zuni Doll at the end of the first movie) and her mom are both dead offscreen most likely homicide.

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