Kam Heskin in CSI: NY: DOA for a Day

Kam Heskin (1973 - )

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Charmed: Witchstock (2004) [Robin]: Destroyed with her own Fireball when Rose McGowan knocked her over some marbles as Kam was about to throw another fireball. Kam was knocked off her feet and her fireball dropped down on her, this was Happened in 1967 during a time travel.
  • CSI: NY: DOA for a Day (2008) [Suspect X/Katie Mann]: Playing a dual role as both the assassin "Suspect X" and a victim surgically altered to look like her, the victim "Katie" is stabbed in the head (off-screen) by "Suspect X" in order to fake her own death. Her body is shown afterwards as Gary Sinise and the other CSIs investigate the scene and again later in the morgue. "Suspect X" is later shot in the stomach in a shoot-out with Gary and dies shortly afterwards while talking to him.
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