Kal Penn in 'Superman Returns.'

Kal Penn (1977 - )

Film Deaths

  • Superman Returns (2006) [Stanford]: Crushed to death, along with Ian Roberts and Vincent Stone, when a giant crystal column falls on them after Brandon Routh lifts Kevin Spacey's artificially-created island out of the water. (Thanks to Mathew and Fortza)

TV Deaths

  • Angel: That Vision Thing (2001) [Young Man in Fez]: Impaled when David Boreanaz throws a metal rod through Kal's car window. (Thanks to Neil)
  • 24: Day 6: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (2007) [Ahmed Amar]: Dies (off-screen) after being shot by a CTU agent; we learn of his death afterwards when Marisol Nichols informs James Morrison. (Thanks to Neil)
  • House, M.D.: Simple Explanation (2009) [Dr. Lawrence Kutner]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in the face; his body is shown afterwards when Omar Epps and Olivia Wilde discover him. Kal would later appear in a few episodes as part of Hugh Laurie's hallucination. (Thanks to Tommy)
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