Kajal Aggarwal (1985 - )

Kajal Aggarwal in Yevadu

Movie Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Yevadu (a.k.a Bhaiyya My Brother) (2014) [Deepthi]: Throat slit by goons in the bus as Allu Arjun watches on.
  • Magadheera (Love Stories) (2000) [Mithravindha Devi/Indira]: Playing a double role in different timelines, Mithravindha is stabbed by a dagger thrown by Dev Gill as Ram Charan kills him. Indira is a re-incarnation of Mithra, and she survives the movie.
  • Veera (2011) [Chitti]: Stabbed in the gut and probably slashed across her chest by goons. She dies shorty in Ravi Teja's arms.
  • Nene Raju Nene Mantri (2017) [Radha]: Fatally injured in a car accident due to bomb blast. When admitted to hospital, she removes the ventilator connections and dies.
  • Awe (2018) [Kali]: Shoots herself in the head to end her delusions due to multiple personality disorder.

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