Kaitlin Olson (1975 - )
Kaitlin Olson-It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia906 1

Kaitlin Olson's first imagined death in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Saves The Day

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  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Saves The Day (2013) [Dee Reynolds]: Kaitlin dies in several fantasy sequence(s); in one, Kaitlin's neck is snapped with a nunchuck by a ninja's nunchucks after Rob McElhenney uses Kaitlin as a human shield. In another, she's shot to death by police as she's being mauled to death by a K-9 dog (off camera) as Danny DeVito eats a hot dog behind the counter. In an animated fantasy sequence, she's shot three times in her chest with exit wounds through her back by a robber gunman (voiced by Seth Ayott) after Charlie Day shoves Kaitlin in The Waitress' (voiced by Mary Elizabeth Ellis) path. (Kaitlin survives the episode in reality) (All Played for Comedic Effect)


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